Junior Freak

House/ Techhouse


In Austria, he is one of the popularest Djs over 20 years ago! A lot of partys and events from Vienna, Linz to Salzburg and Innsbruck confirm his ambition!

On the beginning of the century he mixed the radio show „Freaksound Radio Motel“ every week on Ibiza Sonica! And so he is also guest behind the decks at a lot of Clubs on the Island like / Privilege / Zoo Project / KM5 / Bora Bora, till now!Resident at the famous „Streetparade“ in Zürich at the last 10 Years and Guest in the boarder country’s of Austria. His music productions are cased by many famous DJs!Watch out! https://www.facebook.com/Jun.Freak


The Own Label „Freaksound Records“ are also based in every Vinyl & Digital Store Worldwide!


Behind the DJ circus he leads the company „MUSIKUSS®“ for best sounddesign at the world of business!



Mick Thammer

Deep to Techhouse

Mick Thammer, created his individually sound in the last 12 years. his compromiseless underground sessions are known from hamburg to munich and salzburg to vienna.

The first release "We are all one" was more than 10times licensed for European compilations, Mick Thammer worked on his second release together with Christian Hornbostel (housepacific) his second release called "free your soul" on baccara music/germany. This

mick’s activities as producer and remixer don’t remain unnoticed internationally. consequently he is not only playing regularly in Germany (climax/stuttgart, u60311/frankfurt, prinzip & palais club/münchen, mach1/nürnberg, terminal 1/dresden, nachtcafe/leipzig, villadrei/mannheim...) and austria (circoloco tour austria/cembrankeller 2007 & 2008, rave on snow/saalbach-hinterglemm, republic/salzburg, babenberger passage, sass, meierei & club hochriegl/wien, dom im berg/graz, beluga & remembar/linz...),

Now he is getting to an other way...!
With his Production Partner (Gerald Peklar ) and new Influences they are creating a very special Mick Thammer Sound...Sweep on (Puzzle Tracks) or the new one "before after" let the spiritual flow of Mick doing higher.

So last but not least, he is also managing the new Label of Freaksound with Junior Freak and want to bring the Freaksound flow to many Clubs and ears around the world in next time.

mick's opinion on djing: "it's more intimately than sex"!

Schland !


Gerald Peklar

Live Act/ Techno Dj

About Gerald or about Smith...

His Story is not to discribe in few phrases...studing music since his first mind till probebly his last. Producing for a lot of Artists, himself and finally Freaksound.Compliments from the famoust Electronic Musicans around the Globe. (Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Sven Väth). Involved in the Freaksound Crew from the first steps as Remixer and Ghostwriter. Leader of the Freaksound Club wich will start in autumn 2010.
And last but not least an amazing LIVE ACT!

listen his productions on the myspace link!



Sancho Panda


Sancho switched from the Music Evolution Crew to Freaksound in 2010. He was one of the leader from their own legendary Club called "THE CLUB" in linz.

His afterhour sets impressed us from session to session and his warmy techno sound and his sympatical funny bone are the right requirements to welcome him on board on our freaksound ship. During the while he formed more and more to a unique Freaksound brand and perform the vision at many clubs like Club Cembran, Shine Club and the Homebase Freaksound Members Club regulary month by month and a lot of underground events.

so lets have a lots of fun, you are on the run!


Boogie Dush

Techhouse to Minimal

We are proud to present our new Freaksound Member "Boogie Dush"!
The music fanatic pianist and DJ was in our backround for a long time and gave us support and influences to a lot of Partys and Productions. So came it that he produced his own first track for one of our sublabels "Fest Records" 2014 & feat also the Track Schlaraffentanz from Junior Freak 2015.
The Sympathic Guy is most to found in the underground as Zoo Club resident in Linz and Electro Stammtisch Hero in Freistadt upper austria.
We think, thats only the start of his musical career.

Welcome to Freaksound :)


Zeppo Thammer

Deep to Techhouse

“Livin´ la vida loca”, this is Zeppo Thammer. Soulful, sexy, cheeky, sometimes hypnotic so his emotion catchin´ sets. Zeppo is one of a kind of house music passionates and DJs motivated by Jack who gives us life, energy to create a better world full of harmony and peace. The label Freaksound its musical home shows us his wild performing side of its soul, the pure love for Housemusic the depth of the corresponding heart based feeling.

Born in the depth of Bavaria young Zeppo Thammer was early influenced by the sound of French House in the late 90ties and the House-Scene round Salzburg and Munich and DJ´s like Luciano, Ricardo, Loco Dice & his brother Mick Thammer. Catched by this understatement of being a human being Zeppo Thammer started living the DJ-Way. After a short time of hard work behind the wheels of steel and a lot of intense nightlife Zeppo became Resident in the legendary Café NaNu. Many many Gigs later he was honoured by joining the Freaksound-Family as full family member.

At the moment next to his Residence @ Café NaNu / traunstein he also is teamed up for a Residency with his brother @ Soda Club / Salzburg. Further Gigs at the Streetparade / zürich, Palais / munich and at Climax / Stuttgart – just to name a few – established Zeppo Thammer as fixed part of south German Housescene…a young talent to put focus on in future!



Club to Techhouse


This was:
DJ Newhouzer aka Gorgeous George alias Mr. Dr.Fm Newhouzer...the list of his subnames would be not ended.
He starts his career at the real Chari in Gmunden in the 90´s and makes a lot of rumpus with the crazy crowd. So this rumpus was so loud that they heard it in Linz and so he came with a full rumpus Bus in the leading Club of Upper Austria Cembrankeller/Club Cazin to make some row. After this gig everybody nows him in the circle of 100 KM and every bad thungs are hushed. Couse he did a music show that 2 clubs around dumped in short time to listen the sound of who? a "new" Dj?
NO, NEWHOUZER! with "z"

After a while,
He led his own Club the Tune Club in Gmunden, plays regulary in Linz (Remembar/Stonewall), Salzburg (Republic/Salzburg)
and would be resident at one of the best Clubbing in Austria "THE WATERGATE"

He did also some Remixes for Baccara Music in the production corner. Played on Beaches in Ibiza, and many boats around the balearic islands, at Streetparade Zürich, Pleasure Vienna, The Summer of Love, Dance Valley Holland, and a lot of incredible gigs with the Freaksound Artists.

He proved his musical can among other things at the viva tv-show "ritmo de bacardi", spinning hot tunes without performing is not mr. newhouzer's thing.

powerfull self cheer-leading increases the dancefloor of every location into the last angle. Mr. Newhouzer an electrfying modern answer to herbert of k.

Thank you 4 the moments of your DJ life...!



Jim Boom

Techhouse - House

The newest Dj member of freaksound Jim Boom is simultaneously one of the oldest fans of the freaksound community.

Playing with Vinyl is his passion.
And so he learned hard the manufacture of djing at the last years.

His Tech-Housey and House Sets are also spinned with good old Classics for every Dancefloor.